zoo project ibiza casting and recruitment days @ tantra cafe and el kiosko

zoo project ibiza casting and recruitment days @ tantra cafe and el kiosko
Zoo Recruitment
Zoo Recruitment


* Monday 11th May 15.00 hrs - Tantra Cafe, Playa den Bossa
* Tuesday 12th May 15.00 hrs - El Kiosko, San Antonio

ZOO PROJECT IBIZA is looking for PR., PARTY ADVISORS, ZOO GIRLS, PARADE, DANCE, ACROBATS, FIRE SPINNERS, BODY PAINTERS, MAKE-UP ARTISTS, MASSAGE THERAPISTS & MAGICIANS and everything in between! If you're passionate about music and Ibiza and are willing to work hard (not just play hard) then we will find a job a for you !
Bring your CV, photo, NIE number, Spanish mobile number and a big smile!
PERFORMERS . . .will not be expected to perform on these days. This is just for us to get to know you and for you to tell us about what you do, your past experience, etc. We will then call you back to perform at a later casting date. Anyone interested in working with the performance team should email a CV in advance to mogli@thezooproject.com
TO EVERYONE . . . Zoo is not just a job, it's a way of life!
We want people who believe in what we do and are willing to work for it. Every single person involved with the Zoo started out selling tickets, giving out flyers, promoting on the streets etc. If you can show how passionate you are about The Zoo Project then you stand a better chance of working with us in the summer. There's already lots of ways to get involved with us before the summer starts, to find out more please email kyle@thezooproject.com
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